Mi-del Arrowroot
Mi-del Arrowroot
reviewed by Lisa Thompson
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This post is dedicated to those of you who can’t have gluten . I found some tasty cookies that you guys can safely enjoy! Midel makes a whole bunch of products, and they have a gluten free line. Midel says, “There’s no compromise needed just because you’re gluten intolerant.” And you shouldn’t have to compromise! Midel makes the cookies and snacks without preservatives, trans fats, or artificial ingredients. Some of them are even dairy free! I got to try the Arrowroot, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Caramel, and Chocolate Sandwich varieties. Arrowroot, Delish! Nice and buttery flavor! These were sweet and crispy animal shaped crackers. Too cute! I particularly liked the polar bear and the camel. Almost too cute to eat. These have a light vanilla flavor as well, and i think they taste better than the original animal crackers. They aren’t as dry or bland in my opinion, and have more of a buttery/vanilla flavor.
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Serving Size: 1 bag
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