Think Low Calorie Foods Are Boring?  Guess Again!
by:Laura Dean
 You probably spent all of December eating your way toward oblivion.  Now, time to get back on track!
But, it’s not easy.    I’ve tried everything from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig and South Beach and you know what?  They all WORK…if you follow it and stay on it.  FOREVER  more or less.  Yes, that’s right, eating habits really have to change permanently to keep it off forever.   But none of them are easy.  It’s hard to not eat everything you want. 

 We know that the two things that are hardest to give up when you are trying to lose weight:  delicious food and feeling satisfied. Eating non-processed foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and fish, are the best way to stay full and satisfied.  But we also know that this is difficult with everyone’s busy lifestyle, plus we sometimes  crave something more—a chip, a cookie, even a piece of candy.  (Like everyday at 4 PM, right?)  If we forfeit these goodies, we tend to really binge when we can no longer take the deprivation, and after that, it’s all downhill.    So the foodies at Only Natural Food has compiled a list of low calorie but highly satisfying foods.  Foods  that don’t have added preservatives, food additives or anything chemically introduced!  Foods ranging from snacks like chips, to desserts like cupcakes!  Foods that taste good, just as they are healthy for you.  Who said low calorie food had to taste like cardboard and leave you hungry for more?

We also put together a list of low calorie recipes to get you started.  And we will keep adding to that list.  And if you have any low calorie recipes that you’d like to send us, let us know!

Here’s a list of other tips that can help you start shedding weight:
  1. TRACK your food intake and understand how many calories or Weightwatchers Points ® you are consuming…EVERYDAY.  Our blogger is doing a great job of tracking and you can really see how her weight goes down and up—whenever she stops counting calories. 
  2. Drink lots of water/seltzer and avoid sugar filled carbonated beverages.
  3. Never get too hungry.  Come on, with our list of snack foods you can avoid overeating at lunch or dinner.  Pick two 100 calorie snacks a day, and bring them with you to work.
  4. Crunchy veggie or fruit chips can be snacks as well as a vegetable serving.
  5. Now that weather is nice, walk for 15 minutes at lunch time.  (come on, force yourself)  Even better, get back to the gym!
  6. Don’t freak out about eating too much on one or two days.  This can get you off track and keep the weight coming back.  Instead, say, “it’s OK”, and start over.
  7. Eat a salad before you go out to dinner with friends to stay away from the bread.
  8. Don’t eat popcorn at the movies.  Instead, take a bag of Pop Chips—all natural and under 100 calories. 
  9. Get enough sleep—yes, being tired makes you eat more.
  10. Eat food you LOVE.  Just half the portion size.

Enjoy your life and live naturally!

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