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carnivore's delight [vegetarians, beware!] 

Thursday, June 16, 2011 1:34:20 PM


A vegetarian, I am not.



last night’s dinner: burger with jack cheese, sugar snap peas and beanito chip crumbs

But I’ve considered becoming one.

Not because I don’t like meat.

Not because I have any strict moral or ethical beliefs in regards to eating meat (I realize that sounds awful, but it is what it is).

But because all of my blogging friends were doing it.

I realize that in blog world vegetarians are most definitely the majority, which has always left me feeling like a bit of an outcast. In fact, there have been many occasions when I felt a tinge of guilty posting a picture of a burger or chicken out of fear that my “vegetarian readers will judge me”.

So, like I said, a few months ago I considered dropping meat from my diet for no reason other than I felt like I should

…and because all of my blogging friends were doing it.

I started eating morningstar veggie crumbles by the bagful, double doses of protein powder, cottage cheese, yogurt, yada yada yada.

and then there was tofu.

Guys, I hate tofu.

Like, really hate it.

But I ate it anyway

Because all of my blogging friends were doing it.

Then I came home for the summer. I started eating dinners with my family. I had access to my mom’s credit card (and thus, all of the expensive protein that I crave. Shrimp? Scallops? Gimme). So I started eating meat again.

Because I craved it.

Because I enjoyed it.

Because my body thrives on it.

Perhaps I am an outcast, but at least I’ll have my burgers and chicken to keep me company.


I realize this is a slightly controversial post and as I always say, I never judge anyone for their personal dietary preferences. I admire vegetarians TREMENDOUSLY but my considerations for becoming one were rooted solely in an attempt to be “accepted” rather than a genuine desire to stop eating meat. The purpose of writing this post is most certainly not to shove my carnivore ways in your face, but rather, to make the point that any decisions you make in your life should be your own will, not because all of your friends are doing it.

**I don’t have a specific question for you today, but I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have on vegetarianism, the pressure to follow blogging food trends, the pressure to follow ANY trends, learning to make decisions for yourself. Let’s just chit chat! (respectfully, hooookay?) **


Off to the nutritionist then running some errands. Happy Thursday, friends!


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