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I am a gluten-free wife, runner & blogger with two children in Columbus, Ohio. After my celiac diagnosis in 2006, I have made it my mission to embrace an entirely new approach to nutrition in a gluten-free world, exploring options that run the gamut from “made from scratch” homemade bread to sampling and reviewing the gluten-free prepared foods that are continuously being introduced to the market. While navigating the waters of becoming gluten-free, I share my experiences and pass along valuable product reviews in addition to helping other moms of celiac kids develop healthy menus that are kid-friendly and palatable. I feel that I am a valuable resource for those who are newly diagnosed, as well as for the more seasoned gluten-free veterans.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011 5:08:59 PM


The other day I wrote a response to the blog on written by Meghan Casserly. I wrote the response here on my blog because I was unable to comment on the Forbes site for some reason. After signing up numerous times,I have never received any confirmation (yes,I checked my spam folder) and can not log in. Yesterday,Forbes blogger,Colette Martin,wrote this wonderful blog post titled “Setting the Record Straight on Gluten-Free Eating &Celiac Disease:An Entrepreneur Takes on Washington”.

I applaud Colette for setting the record straight and for writing about the event that Jules Shepherd &John Forberger co-organized in Washington to get the attention of the FDA. This is a great way to close out Celiac Awareness month. Smile 

For what it is worth,I still can’t log into Forbes. I don’t know what the problem is. I am not the only one,either. I have seen numerous tweets on Twitter reporting the same in regards to the post written by Meghan Casserly. Not only would I like to comment on that post,but the one written by Martin,too. What seems to be the problem,Forbes?

While I have your attention,there was an email that was sent out the other day on the Celiac Listserve regarding gluten-free food for those affected by the tornadoes in Joplin,MO. Please read the following information:


"Hi Everyone,
I am sure that by now you have heard about the tornado that hit Joplin. It took out a major portion of the town
including the two major grocery stores where celiacs there were able to access GF foods.  Much of the town is
without electricity and due to contamination issues,their water is also contaminated.  Those that still have a home
and access to water are under a boil order.
Many of these folks have also lost their jobs because of the businesses that have been destroyed in the storm.
It is a difficult situation for people without food issues,let alone someone with celiac disease.
I have been in contact with the leader of the new support group there and she is one of the lucky ones who still
has a home and power. She and her husband have offered to be a contact point to hand out GF supplies to celiacs
in their community.
If anyone,individual or company,would be willing to provide GF items to them for distribution,please let me know and I will
provide their contact information. She mentioned that there would be a particular need for shelf stable items that folks can
keep without refrigeration/freezing and also require minimal preparation like GF bars,crackers,etc.
Some folks that have been relocated to friends or relatives homes might be able to use mixes,but not have access to
safe cookware. Maybe disposable foil pans would be a good idea if you send mixes.
Thank you so much for your willingness to read this message and perhaps help out fellow celiacs in need.
If you have any questions,please feel free to email me.
Barbara Hicks
Tri Lakes Celiac Support Group
Kimberling City,MO"



Now,off to enjoy a glass of cabernet &grill some bison burgers! Please safely enjoy your gluten-free Memorial Day weekend. 


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