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hey there friends and thank you so much for visiting my page =) In a few short words I am a 19 year old English major at Sacred Heart University with a passion for family, love, creativity, yoga, and i kind of like peanut butter too ;). Sure, those are just a few tidbits about me but what is the story of the girl behind the jar?


Wednesday, April 28, 2010 4:12:27 PM



um, ew.

Apparently Spring is having a serious identity crisis and thinks that it’s Winter. Definitely should have knocked on wood a few weeks ago when it was 80 degrees in March and I proclaimed that summer was right around the corner. Urgh.

Despite the lackluster weather, today was just lovely. Nothing special happened, per se, but I managed to get through the day stress free and put a big dent in my “to do” list for the rest of the semester. If that’s not worthy of celebration, I don’t know what is.

This week I really need to devote myself to school work, which unfortunately, will come at the cost of blogging, so foodie pics shall remain uncaptured. To compensate, I still have a few miscellaneous eats that were consumed during my last trip home that should keep you a helluva lot more entertained that anything I’ve been eating here at school. (i.e. mass quantities oatmeal, yogurt messes, and amy’s frozen meals).

I know I’ve been taunting you with spaghetti squash teasers, so I suppose it’s time to reveal zee goods.

Squash: 1, Jenny: 0
 Round 2
got ‘em.

 p.s. I was sweating after cutting this baby open. Any tips on easing the process would be greatly appreciated.

spaghetti squash, broc, asparagus, meatless balls, sauce + ensalada, wheat thins, ‘rots


I loved it. The camera, apparently, did not. Blurry pics sooooq.


failed attempt numero dos


Needed some nooch. Doesn’t everything?

As much as I <3ed the spaghetti squash, I was hungry 5 minutes later. Snacking commenced while coming to terms with the fact that SS has zero staying power and is definitely more adequate as a snack. Prerably a snack paired with yogurt, cinnamon, maple syrup, and PB.




Switching gears, in yesterdays post few of you asked me how I handle the “day after” guilt following a night of indulging or eating outside of my comfort zone. Surprisingly enough, I rarely ever deal with this. I have more of what you would call “pre-mature anxiety syndrom”. I freak out BEFORE a challenging meal/night out, but after the fact I’m usually fairly at ease and just because I come to terms with the fact that the “damage is done”, so to speak. In fact, I find comfort in the days after a food challenge. I love waking up in the morning, knowing that I’ve tackled a major fear, and seeing that my body is exactly the same. In some senses it seems as though we’ve become pre-programmed to believe that we SHOULD feel guilty after a night of indulgences, so we automatically do without really taking stock of how we’re really feeling. I think rather than consuming your mind with guilt, it’s important to take the time to evaluate your true emotions. Do you really feel any different at all? Probably not. Focus on that. Oh, and try not to dwell. The truth of the matter is, what’s done is done. You ate, you enjoyed, you lived. Great! I think immersing yourself in guilt after eating something uncomfortable just adds unnecessary stress and anxiety when there’s really nothing you can do about it. You know? Hope this makes sense!

“The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us” 


**What’s your favorite way to use spaghetti squash? I still have a buttload leftover that I need to work my way through**
**How do you silence that overbearing voice of guilt? Not even in terms of food, just life in general?**

Night, friends!


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