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 We’re  about  delicious food, good food and eating well.  We are a bunch of writers, bloggers,  eaters and drinkers who decided to put our heads together to bring to you the most comprehensive list of natural foods and natural food recipes without those nasty preservatives and food additives.  Natural doesn’t mean organic, although a lot of the foods we feature are organic.  We are about food that is made with stuff that you can more or less pronounce.  i.e. made in nature, not made by man.  Since we know a lot of folks out there are weight conscious, we’ve tried to categorize foods that are diet friendly. Also, a lot of the food companies we review are so small the only way you can find their product is to buy directly on line.  So we feature links on how to get to their web sites.  We’ve also tried to get you coupons—which are posted on the reviews under special offers. Just so you know, everything we review isn’t always delicious,  hence our star rating.  And we would love to have your ratings on natural foods as well.   Let us know if you would like to become a reviewer. 
If you are a natural or organic food company and would like to have your product reviewed, send it to us!  (We really love chocolate and snacks .  I didn’t say we were diet nuts or anything—just healthy eaters!
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