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hey there friends and thank you so much for visiting my page =) In a few short words I am a 19 year old English major at Sacred Heart University with a passion for family, love, creativity, yoga, and i kind of like peanut butter too ;). Sure, those are just a few tidbits about me but what is the story of the girl behind the jar?


Sunday, January 2, 2011 3:20:14 PM

Happy Sunday, beautiful people! Thanks so much for all of the comments, reassurances, and suggestions in response to my coconut woes. I think the consensus  is that I’m a straight up foolioand need to make my own coconut butter asap. I agree with both of these statements.

If you can believe it, I actually need your foodie expertise again. I know I know, how do I manage to get through the day without you guys?

As you know, I’m not a vegetarian. However, that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate a good veg. option or new addition to my protein lineup.

After seeing tofu on so many of my favorite blogs (especially recently!) I decided to take the plunge and buy some for myself.

1st of all – I had NO IDEA there were so many different varities.



Extra firm


and of all days, I left my tofu manual at home!

**That was sarcasm. I don’t have a tofu manual (though after yesterday I think I should probably invest in one)**

I opted to buy the Nasoya firm because it was the cheapest and I liked the packaging the most. Those are the most important considerations, right?

I came home from the store, opened up the package, and was at a loss. First of all, water from the package spilled everywhere. Secondly, it smelled like rubber. Finally, the consistence was like a soft cheese, which was NOT like Tina’s buffalo tofu that .I had originally planned on making

After taking stock of the situation tofu-ation, I realized that the consistency of the tofu was similar to hardboiled eggs, so I decided to make egg salad…

…with tofu.

it made more sense in my mind at the time.

I mashed up about 1/4 of the block and added a spoonful of mayo. Taste tested. Ew.

I added another spoonful of mayo.

No luck.

3 spoonfuls later, my tofu egg salad with mayonaisse became mayonaisse salad with tofu.

It was not good.

ick, just looking at this picture makes me feel a little nauseous.

the carrots, celery, and FSTG chips provided a crunchy distraction.

To-fu? more like To-funk. Or toe-funk…because that’s what it tasted like.

So guys, help me out hereWhat is the secret to tofu? How do you recommend I prepare it? I’ve eaten it (and loved it!) before in frozen entrees and at restaurants so I know I have a taste for it, just not the know-how to make it.


On the agenda for today:

  • not eating tofu
  • yoga
  • TJmaxx
  • off to buy a new photography toy :) Any guesses?
  • watching the first season of Pretty Little Liars (for the 3rd time) in anticipation for the season premiere tomorrow!

Have a good one, pies!

- pbj


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